Please note Gluten Free will nly be availble Friday and Saturay during our normal opening hours.

Gluten free fish and chips is a specialist option and as such wait times will vary if pre ordering has not been completed.

If possible please pre order your meals to avoid dissapointment. Pre ordering is availble via our app and also the telephone.


Many years have passed since being diagnosed as “gluten / wheat intolerance”, as such the management team are 100% behind bringing a gluten free chip shop menu to Newquay.  Keeping prices, the same as the traditional menu where possible.

The chippy is now able to offer a fryer dedicated for frying gluten free meals.  We take these matters very seriously as your dietary requirements are very important to us as are your eating choices.

The Chippy is not part of the Celiac society just yet however we will be aiming for this membership over the next year.  In the meantime we try to ensure that there is no cross contamination with products containing wheat or gluten.  To achieve this, we have the following in place

  • Separate fryer
  • Separate frying utensils
  • Dedicated fat fryer cleaning materials used only for our gluten free fryer
  • Kitchen utensils (coloured Red) that are kept separately and used only for the preparation of gluten free meals
  • Premium gluten free products, fish batter, curry sauce, mushy peas and gravy all tested in house by us
  • Separate area with the fridge for gluten free products if required, these products are also stored in containers dated and marked as gluten free to avoid any confusion
  • Staff training, all staff are now trained and understand gluten free requirements
  • Your meal will be provided at the service counter with gluten free sticker to avoid any confusion when you return home.

We hope you enjoy your meal and please let us know if you think we can improve in any areas.

Malcolm and Cary